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4.2l stroker maken


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Op 8/11/2019 om 12:21 PM zei michel1972:


Via www.summitracing.com kan je veel onderdelen halen.

AMC 232 3.500" stroke crank
Jeep 4.0L 6.125" rods
Silvolite UEM-2229 +0.030" bore pistons
Increase piston dish volume to 20cc
8.8:1 CR (CR will be a little diferent)
CompCams 68-115-4 192/200 degree camshaft
Ported HO 1.91"/1.50" cylinder head
Mopar/Victor 0.043" head gasket
0.040" quench height
Ford 24lb/hr injectors
241hp @ 5000rpm, 294lbft @ 3000rpm

Head Gasket: Summit # DCC-4529242
Pistons: Summit # UEM-2229-030
Cam: Summit # CCA-68-115-4
Lifters: Summit # CCA-822-12
Crank: Northern Auto Parts $241 Total with core charge
Injectors: Ford 24lbs/hr $70

Verder natuurlijk andere bedrijven ook die spullen leveren om een stroker motor te maken. 


Oké bedankt michel, ik zal is kijken 

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