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  1. Hello everybody, I'm sorry to speak in English, my Dutch is very poor. I have a Grand Wagoneer from the Netherlands and I'm looking for some help finding its history. It's a 1991 Grand Wagoneer in Hunter Green, but it was registered with the RDW as a 1979. The license plate was 96-SH-ZK. It was imported to the Netherlands in 2006 and I think it only had one owner up until 2012. After 2012 it lived in Heenvliet with an owner called Mr. Contze for a few more years before it left the country. I have found photos of it parked outside Oudtijders in Doetinchem in 2012 - I think they might have been selling it. It was also sold later in 2012 by AxxiAuto in Dirksland. Does anybody know this Jeep or its previous owners? I'd be very excited to know its history so any help would be much appreciated! I have included a couple of photos from when it was in Doetinchem. Thank you all in advance! Bryn
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