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Terug naar USA, schorsing vs deregister

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Helaas, ik moet terug naar USA want ik een nieuwe opdracht hebben. En misschien in 1-3 jaaren ik kom terug hier in NL. Dus mijn vraag is can I just put the car in schorsing or should I deregister from the RDW?

En als ik in America werkte, en ik een LS swap doen, wat moet ik doen naar de RDW when I come back?


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Good afternoon AK,

This is on the website of RDW:

Suspend If you decide not to use your car for a longer period of time, you can suspend it for 1, 2 or 3 years. During the suspension, your car may not be parked or driven on public roads. You do not have to pay motor vehicle tax during that period. Your car does not have to be insured and MOT approved. You can extend the suspension if you do not want to use your car for a longer period of time. And of course you can also stop the suspension with us.



You can do everything via the website as long as you have a digid. Do not know if you can keep your digid as long as you are in the USA.




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@Richard_Jeep thanks for explaining the schorsing rules. But I wasn't clear with my situation. I am bringing the XJ back to the US with me since the verhuizing is paid for by my employer. I then plan to do the LS swap there. Then after my work is done, I may bring it back (or not).

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Klopt 🤙🏻! Dankjewel voor de RDW link. Maar de instructies zijn niet zo duidelijk want mijn Jeep hebben een Amerikaanse title.  Maakt niet uit. Ik zal zie wat ik zal zie. Tot volgende kier!

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